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WHY CHOOSE carnumberplate.in FOR YOUR REGISTRATION PLATES? The Best Number Plate Maker On The Web Widest Selection of Plates and Fonts Super Quick Dispatch & Next Day Delivery Options Choice of Tracked Postage Options Custom Number Plate Designer Dedicated Phone & Email support Mon – 24 hours / 365days Most Popular IND – HRSP Registration Plates Supplier Buy Registration Plates Authorised Supplier Highest Quality Guaranteed All Products Certified to BS Standard – Fully Road Legal Car Number Plates For Sale Safe and Secure Payments Web Exclusive 10% Further Discount if Ordered [...]


How to FIT Number Plates

HOW TO FIT YOUR NUMBER PLATE? Step 1 – Choose your Preferred Fitting Kit “Don’t worry its really easy.” We have a range of number plate fitting kits, each one is practical and efficient, the choice is yours! The Sticky Pad way: 6 x Sticky Pads How to do it the sticky pad way. First of all remove your old plates if you have not already done so. Clean the area where the plate is going to be stuck using a mild detergent or even [...]


Unique Colors of Number Plates

Unique Colors of Number Plates Some vehicles have different color combinations for number plates. They could be white, yellow, blue and black color plates. Each color signifies a specific purpose. White A white number plate with black text refers to a private vehicle. This vehicle cannot be used for commercial purposes. Yellow A yellow number plate with black text is assigned to commercial vehicles such as taxis and trucks. The truck/taxi driver requires an official permit in order to drive a commercial vehicle. Blue A blue [...]


Breakdown Of A Number Plate

Breakdown Of A Number Plate MH 05 DO 1017 The format of the vehicle number plate is as follows: MH.. Part 01The first part indicates the state or Union territory, this is denoted by two letters. For example, in the state of Maharashtra, a vehicle number plate starts with the code ‘MH”, in Gujarat with ‘GJ” and in Delhi as ‘DL’. The 2 most significant alphabets of the state’s name are used. This method began in the 1980s. ..05.. Part 02The next 2 digits [...]


Opting For A Custom Font

Opting For A Custom Font Ensure that the font you opt for the vehicle registration plate is visible from a distance. Any discrepancy might get you in trouble with the traffic police. Using fancy fonts, which are unreadable or create a confusion in reading numbers and alphabets is an offence. Using clear bold lettering is advised.



Registration Every time a buyer purchases a new vehicle, the dealer issues a TR sticker. TR refers to ‘To Register’. It is a temporary number which is valid only for a period of one month. Within this period, the owner must visit the district’s RTO to officially register the vehicle and get a standard license plate. The motor vehicle inspector at the RTO office is responsible for the verification. During this period when your motor vehicle is yet to be [...]


Sale Of Custom Number Plates

Sale Of Custom Number Plates In order to make your vehicle stand out, you can opt for a custom number too. An example of this would be, codes such as 3333 or 6666. It is difficult to purchase a singular number, such as 7, particularly because numbers below 100 are commonly registered to government vehicles. These special ‘lucky numbers’ are often available for sale. The pricing for such a unique number can go as high as Rs. 3 lakh, and [...]

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