How to FIT Number Plate


Step 1 – Choose your Preferred Fitting Kit

“Don’t worry its really easy.”
We have a range of number plate fitting kits, each one is practical and efficient, the choice is yours!

The Sticky Pad way: 6 x Sticky Pads
How to do it the sticky pad way.

First of all remove your old plates if you have not already done so. Clean the area where the plate is going to be stuck using a mild detergent or even white spirit for best results, let this evaporate, then stick the pads onto the first plate spacing equally. Pull of the backing tape and stick firmly into place. Take care to get it straight as the pads are very sticky and don’t like to move once on.

Tip: Try to put them on when it is mild and dry as they don’t like cold damp surfaces. Also Try and warm up the area if its cold with a hairdryer for 30–40 seconds. We recommend one set per plate.

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