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There are many people who like to eat seafood, among which crab is the favorite of many people. Crabs also play an important role in my country's food culture, and all kinds of crabs are frequent guests on the dining table of food lovers. So do you know what the largest crab in the world is called? In this article, the editor of MAIGoo will take stock of the ten largest crabs in the world, including giant claw crab, giant sea crab, Alaskan king crab, coconut crab, Scylla serrata, common ecliptic crab, etc. Let’s learn more about it together. ..So,how to grill raw colossal pho king crab?

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What is the name of the largest crab in the world? Undoubtedly the giant claw. Giant crab (scientific name: Macrocheira kaempferi), also known as Japanese spider crab, giant spider crab, tall crab, killer crab, etc., is the largest existing crustacean in the world, and is also the giant claw of the spider crab family of the order Decapoda Crab is the only species. The giant crab has a dark orange body, ten long limbs with white spots on it, and the front two limbs develop into claws. The largest sample has a length of 4.2 meters, a body length of 38 centimeters, a weight of 20 kilograms, and a life span of 100 years. They live in the depths of the Pacific Ocean from Iwate Prefecture, Japan to the northeastern corner of Taiwan. They feed on sharks, hagfish, crabs, and various fish. Like many crab animals, giant claw crabs have a scavenging habit, so Also called corpse crab..So,how much do king crab boil recipe cost at publix?

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2. The heaviest crab is over 13.5 kg; the giant crab is commonly known as the emperor crab, the Australian giant crab, and the Tasmanian deep-sea giant crab. The gigantic sea crab is 41 centimeters wide and weighs more than 13.5 kilograms. The giant crab is a reddish-white shell, with a fan-shaped carapace and stout chelipeds. They live in the continental shelf waters of southern Australia. The water temperature of 12~14°C is the most comfortable temperature for them. They are usually active at night, but they are also active during the day with the tide, mainly with slow-moving snails, starfish, Hermit crabs, or dead fish for food, are very inconsistent with their burly appearance..So,how do you clean king crab legs chicago?

3. The average weight of Alaskan king crabs is 10 kg; Alaskan king crabs are also called king crabs, stone crabs, and rock crabs. The scientific name is Kamchatka quasi-stone crabs. It is not a real crab, it is more closely related to hermit crab. The king crab belongs to the deep-sea crab class, mainly distributed in the cold waters, with an average weight of 10 kg, and its feet can reach 1.8 meters. Because of its strong long legs, it is the only crab that can crawl both horizontally and vertically. , ranked among the top three largest crabs in the world. Due to their large size and delicious meat, they are widely caught for food, so king crabs are often seen in the freezer section of large supermarkets..

4. Coconut crab can weigh up to 8 kg; how big is the largest crab? In addition to spider crabs, king crabs, and king crabs, the largest crab in the world is the coconut crab. Coconut crab is a kind of hermit crab with a hard shell and two strong and powerful claws. It is good at climbing straight coconut trees and is named after eating the coconut pulp. As one of the largest crabs in the world, coconut crab is not only the largest terrestrial crab, but also the largest terrestrial arthropod. It can usually grow to 1 meter long and weigh up to 8 kilograms. It lives in tropical areas near the sea. In the woods, they are found throughout the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific..

5. Scylla serrata can weigh up to 3 kilograms; it is one of China's marine aquaculture products and one of the top ten famous crabs in my country. There are four main types of blue crabs. What is the largest crab among the blue crabs? It is definitely none other than Scylla serrata. Scylla serrata, also known as yellow armour crab and scorpion, is the largest and most expensive type of mud crab. Usually, the width of the nail can reach 20 cm and the weight is 1.5 kg; the maximum width of the nail can reach 28 cm. , weighing up to 3 kg. Because the whole body turns red after being cooked, it is also called red cricket [xún]. The claws of Scylla serrata are asymmetrical, and the obvious mesh pattern on the feet is extremely rare..

6. Ordinary zodiac crab can weigh up to 3 kilograms; what is the largest crab? Common zodiac crab is one of them. Ordinary zodiac crab is commonly known as bread crab. Its shell is reddish-brown and the whole is oval, like a walking bread. It is one of the three giants of the ecliptic crab species. It is larger in size, and its shell width is usually 15 cm. cm, the maximum weight can reach 3 kg, the female crab is generally larger than the male, and it is one of the largest crabs in the world. Common zodiac crabs are distributed in the North Sea, North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. They are very abundant in the Northeast Atlantic. They are nocturnal species and generally eat animals in the benthic zone, such as crustaceans and mollusks. The common bread crabs in the market are mainly produced in Scotland and Ireland, so they are often called "English bread crabs" or "Irish golden crabs"..

7. Snow crabs can weigh up to 2.5 kg; snow crabs are also known as cobbler crabs (United States), queen crabs (Canada and Europe), scientific name gray-eyed snow crabs, mainly distributed in the North Atlantic and North Pacific waters, living in low water temperatures The area is large, with long and fleshy feet. At present, the snow crabs that often appear on the market are divided into gray-eyed snow crabs and red-eyed snow crabs. If we want to talk about the size of the largest crab among these two kinds of snow crabs, the average weight of gray-eyed snow crabs is 0.7 to 1.1 kg; Snow crabs weigh 1.4 to 2.5 kg. Among them, the grey-eyed snow crab has the largest global catch, the widest distribution, the highest popularity and the highest commercial value..

8. The chief ecliptic crab can weigh up to 1.5 kg; the chief ecliptic crab is also one of the three giants of the ecliptic crab species, ranking eighth among the top ten largest crabs in the world. The chief zodiac crab, also known as Dungeness crab and Dunkins crab, is named after the old town of Dungeness, Washington, USA. Canadians call it Vancouver crab, commonly known as Dungeness crab in China. It is the largest and most commercially valuable crab. one. Dungeness crabs are only allowed to catch male crabs, also known as prince crabs. Male crabs have a V-shaped belly cover, or crab umbilicus. Generally, the width of the carapace is about 16 to 20 cm, and the maximum weight can reach 1.5 kg..

9. The maximum weight of the swimming crab is up to 1 kg; the swimming crab is commonly known as swimming crab, gun crab, sea crab, and white crab. It mainly inhabits the sea area with a water depth of 10-50 meters, and groups in the sea area with a sediment of 10-30 meters. The most dense; distributed in Japan, Korea, the Malay Archipelago, the Red Sea and the coastal areas of China. Because of its rich fat and rich nutritional value, the crab meat is not only an important economic crab in China's coastal areas, but also one of the most important export products in China, and is deeply loved by consumers. Three wart crabs are huge, generally 20 cm in width, 0.4 kg in weight, and up to 1 kg in weight. It is one of the largest crab species in China..

10. Christmas Island red crabs can weigh up to 0.48 kg. Christmas Island red crabs are commonly known as red crabs, land red crabs, red ground crabs, and Australian red crabs. They are a kind of crab only found on Christmas Island and Cocoa Island in the Indian Ocean Land crab, under the jurisdiction of Australia. The Christmas Island red crab has a black back shell, red belly and limbs, like a cooked lobster. Generally, the maximum carapace can reach 11.6 cm, the weight is 0.415~0.48 kg, and it has closed gills. Every year during the breeding season, on several small islands in Australia, there will be a mighty army of red crab migration. Periods closed roads and railways..

11. Frog crabs can weigh up to about 0.45 kilograms; frog crabs, also known as frog-shaped crabs, frog-shaped crabs, and spanner crabs, are an animal of the genus Frog Crab of the order Decapodidae, and they are called frogs because they look like frogs. crab. The back of the frog crab is uplifted, with scaly sharp spines and bright orange-red. It mainly lives on the sandy bottom at a depth of 10-50 meters. It is delicious and nutritious. It belongs to the important edible crab and is commercially caught in Australia, Hawaii, Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan Province of my country. Frog crabs are large in size, generally weighing 0.23 kg, and the heaviest can reach about 0.45 kg. They are one of the largest crabs in the world..

12. The maximum weight of flower crabs can reach 0.45 kilograms; the sea crabs are commonly known as flower crabs, and they live on sandy or silty bottoms with a water depth of 10-30 meters. Young crabs mostly live in the sandy beaches of the intertidal zone; they often come out at night. , mostly foraging at night. The sea swimming crab generally has a width of 13.5-1.6 cm and a weight of 0.2-0.25 kg. A large female crab has a width of 17.5 cm and a weight of 0.45 kg. The maximum width of the nail is 18.3 cm. The sea swimming crab is ferocious, very aggressive, and often has the phenomenon of residual food. In the natural environment, it often eats shrimp, crab, shellfish, squid and fish..

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